LLP Top Plates ( Nissan Altima 2019+ )

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(LowLifeProjects Adjustable Top Plates for NON-McPherson )

Vehicles: ( Nissan Altima 2019+ )

Product: LLP NEW Adjustable Top Plates


*Note: Non McPherson suspension: ( A arm style suspension which has an upper control arm )

Product Details: This specific suspension  style, the LowLifeProjects Top plates will NOT add camber.  They will allow MORE room clearance between the spindle and strut  (coilovers) / ( air suspension)  so that the spindle does not sit or rub against the strut . **This will allow MORE camber to be ADDED with the upper control arms / camber kits or modified arms for more if your are maxed.


FATBOY PLATES : no cutting of the vehicle needed, total thickness is 1.25 inches of the plate.

Contact Us via Chat Option on Website, Instagram or Facebook for specific questions or details about your set up. 


**NOTE: These modifications / parts  are for OFFROAD USE ONLY FOR SHOW OR TRACK VEHICLES.**