LLP Top Plates ( 2001-2006 LS430 )

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(LowLifeProjects Adjustable Top Plates for NON-McPherson )

Vehicles:  ( 2001-2006 LS430 )

Product: LLP NEW Adjustable Top Plates


*Note: Non McPherson suspension: ( A arm style suspension which has an upper control arm )

Product Details: This specific suspension  style, the LowLifeProjects Top plates will NOT add camber.  They will allow MORE room clearance between the spindle and strut  (coilovers) / ( air suspension)  so that the spindle does not sit or rub against the strut . **This will allow MORE camber to be ADDED with the upper control arms / camber kits or modified arms for more if your are maxed.


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**NOTE: These modifications / parts  are for OFFROAD USE ONLY FOR SHOW OR TRACK VEHICLES.**